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What Does The OSHA Forklift Standard Say?

29 CFR 1910.178

Forklift training & Certification


Operator training. 



Safe operation.  



The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (l).  



Prior to permitting an employee to operate a powered industrial truck (except for training purposes), the employer shall ensure that each operator has successfully completed the training required by this paragraph (l), except as permitted by paragraph (l)(5).  



Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape, written material), practical training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee), and evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace. 



All operator training and evaluation shall be conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence.  



Refresher training and evaluation.  



Refresher training, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of that training, shall be conducted as required by paragraph (l)(4)(ii) to ensure that the operator has the knowledge and skills needed to operate the powered industrial truck safely.  



Refresher training in relevant topics shall be provided to the operator when:  



The operator has been observed to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner;  



The operator has been involved in an accident or near-miss incident;  



The operator has received an evaluation that reveals that the operator is not operating the truck safely;  



The operator is assigned to drive a different type of truck; or  



A condition in the workplace changes in a manner that could affect safe operation of the truck.  



An evaluation of each powered industrial truck operator's performance shall be conducted at least once every three years. 


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